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Taraji P. Henson slapped Delta Airlines in the face, just like she slapped BooBoo Kitty. She went in on social media and ripped into Delta Airlines after watching the video below…take a look:


In the video above, an unknown man yelled “Donald Trump, baby!” before asking, “We got some Hillary bi—-s on here?”

After viewing this viral video Taraji P. Henson questioned why were the rants of this unidentified pro-Trump supporter were allowed during this Pennsylvania-bound Delta Airlines flight on Tuesday.

Gabriel Union also took to social media writing “Flying @delta tomorrow. Pls let me know if I need to change my flt and take my business elsewhere,” she tweeted.

Taraji quickly advised her friend to change her flight and join in her outrage, by responding “CHANGE YOUR FLIGHT SIS I DID!!! #EffDelta.”

The airline has since apologized, but Taraji responded with this comment, “The time to do something was when he was reckless Too late” “#DeltacanKickRocksIntheClouds”

BOOM!!! and there you have it…two Black women using their celebrity to make a change. I LOVE IT!!!

For the full story read here:


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