Stephanie Johnson is no stranger to making history—in 1997 she became the first African-American female pilot for Northwest Airlines.


In the statement Delta says Saleh, a famed prankster whose videos have garnered millions of views, sought to disrupt passengers, something Saleh staunchly denies.

Delta Air Lines has revised its policy for emergency inflight medical treatment after a flight attendant prevented a Black doctor from assisting a passenger in October.


Another day, another ridiculous incident on a Delta flight, however this one involves the use of physical force. In a case of “you have to see it, to believe it” a woman aboard a Delta airlines flight in Detroit, Michigan had to be physically dragged from the plane after she refused to comply with a […]

Some of these Trump supporters are way out of line.


Democrats who serve on the House Oversight Committee requested that President-elect Donald Trump’s financial activity be investigated to ensure that he hasn’t made any unlawful decisions.

  Taraji P. Henson slapped Delta Airlines in the face, just like she slapped BooBoo Kitty. She went in on social media and ripped into Delta Airlines after watching the video below…take a look:   In the video above, an unknown man yelled “Donald Trump, baby!” before asking, “We got some Hillary bi—-s on here?” […]

The airline continued to explain the situation, instead of taking responsibility for doubting Dr. Cross' credentials.

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  Delta Airlines has come under fire in recent days after news broke that a Delta flight attendant questioned whether or not a Black woman, Dr. Tamika Cross, was actually a doctor when Cross jumped up to help a man in distress. Cross took to Facebook to tell her story and air her grievances. Her story […]

A Delta Airlines flight attendant doubted that a Black female is a doctor when another passenger becomes unresponsive during a flight. She shares the humiliating incident on Facebook.