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So Sad: Pregnant Woman Killed in Chicago, Baby Survives

A young pregnant teenager was fatally shot in a drive-by shooting in Chicago on Sunday.

According to CBS News, Parasha Beard, 19, was shot and killed, but the doctors saved her baby, delivering it prematurely at transporting it to Comer Children’s Hospital. The baby was due in December.

A unidentified 26-year-old man who was sitting in the car with Beard was shot in the neck and chest and is currently in critical condition at Northwestern Hospital. The shooters have yet to be arrested.

Another day, another life lost to senseless gun violence.

Let Us Live! Security Threat Spoils ‘Black Men Uniting’ Event At Middle School

An event at Seattle’s John Muir Elementary school where Black male role models were invited to empower students had to be cancelled because of security concerns.

According to The Grio, the event, called “Black Men Uniting to Change the Narrative,” would have included at least 100 successful African-American men gathering at the school and teachers supporting them by wearing “Black Lives Matter” tee-shirts. The purpose of the event was to help debunk negative stereotypes about Black men and empower the student body where 45 percent are African-American. 

But when the Alt Right media, such as Breibart News, got whiff of the event and covered it, the school received a serious threat and had to cancel the event because they feared for the safety of the students and the participants.

But not all was lost, the students were still greeted by 55 of the Black male role models to cheer them on their first day of school.

You cannot ever hold us down.

Loves! H&M’s Newest Ad Tackles What It Means To Be Ladylike

Speaking of breaking down stereotypes, H&M’s newest ad for it fall collection debunks the belief that a lady looks and acts like one particular thing.

The diverse ad shows a plethora of women of different body types, races and ethnicities and even cis and transgender ladies. But all have one thing in common, they are living their life on their own terms, not following the rigid rules of what society says a woman should be–and doing well rocking some incredibly fly H&M clothes.

With Lion Babe covering Tom Jones’ classic tune, “She’s a Lady” playing in the background, the fashion powerhouse continues to break down barriers in the fashion world and reflect the true diversity of what their clientele actually looks like.

The ad will start airing on TV Sept. 21, the Huffington Post noted.

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