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Kylen Dent - Fresh Moves Grand Prize Winner

Move over Les Twins, you’ve got some competition.

At just 14-years -old, upcoming talent Kylen Dent has kickstarted his career by beating out the crème de la crème of hip-hop dance in Fresh Empire and GlobalGrind’s Fresh Moves Dance Challenge.

An Atlanta native, Kylen rose to the occasion by beating hundreds of other entrants to claim the title of Grand Prize winner, earning a V.I.P. trip to L.A. for four, plus a meet-and-greet with L.A.-based performance group The Kinjaz, and tickets to a hip-hop concert.

So, who is Kylen Dent and where did he get his moves? It turns out he’s studied some of the greats and plans to be a triple threat in the entertainment industry. He’s focused on his grind, keeps it tobacco-free, and has all the makings of a great performer. Here are some excerpts from his chat with GlobalGrind.

On life in San Diego:

“Originally, I was born and raised in Atlanta. At eight-years-old, I moved out to San Diego, California, where I live now. The change felt pretty drastic at the time, but I eventually adjusted. I have family in San Diego, so every summer I would go and visit because I had a really strong support system out there. It’s been really beneficial for my career in the arts because so many opportunities and chances are in this area; the move has really expanded my horizons.”

On his favorite dance memory:

“This is one that sticks with me: I was really young at a family party and we had a fun dance competition. There was music playing and I got out there a little half-heartedly, and I started doing the robot (laughs). It was really amusing to everyone (laughs) and I ended up winning. I was probably like 4 or 5 years old.”

On other dancers who inspire him:

“I think about this all the time. There’s Michael Jackson of course, King of Pop/King of Rock. He was just so committed to his craft and dedicated to what he loved and that made him great. I’d also have to say Chris Brown, mainly because of the adversity he’s faced and he has so many different talents that he’s able to utilize in multiple ways. I’m pursuing the same career style, as far as dancing, acting, and singing. I’m also really fond of Les Twins, the brothers from Paris – Larry and Laurent. They’re pretty awesome. Their skill level is mind-blowing. I’ve been watching them for three or four years now, and every time I watch them I just start to get better and better. There’s also Fik-Shun the dancer, I’m a really big fan of his, and Kida The Great, Akida Burns… I have to say him because it’s just really cool to see someone my age doing something so big in a field that I want to pursue. That’s just really big for me because I want to be up there with all of them. I really want to battle Kida The Great; I would be up for the challenge.”

Kylen’s clearly on his way to the top; watch him work in the clip above and join us in congratulating him.

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