Alice Barker is 102-year-old and she used to be a dancer in the chorus line in the 30s and 40s. She would dance on stages…

Amazing Grace is one of the books that I believe resonated with my daughter in that she can do anything. Amazing Grace is a story about a little girl named Grace. Her class was going to hold auditions for the production of  Peter Pan. Of course Grace thought she could be the most magnificent Peter […]

Myers Brown was refused by many dance companies in the 1950s because she was black. If blacks were accepted, they had to have a light complexion. Learn more about Joan Myers Brown at

Best known to the general public for being one-third of Beyoncé’s background singers famously known as “The Mamas,” vocalist/songwriter Tiffany Moníque is ready to step out of the shadows with her debut EP “Nemesis.”