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Amazing Grace is one of the books that I believe resonated with my daughter in that she can do anything.

Amazing Grace is a story about a little girl named Grace. Her class was going to hold auditions for the production of  Peter Pan. Of course Grace thought she could be the most magnificent Peter Pan but other classmates didn’t thing so. “You can’t be Peter Pan, that’s a boy’s name” said one, another whispered “Peter Pan isn’t Black.” At first this discouraged Grace, but her grandmother knew exactly what to do. A trip downtown to the theater to see the stunning new ballerina in Romeo and Juliet, Rosalie from Trinidad. This encouraged little Grace to give her best performance and capture the role of Peter Pan for the class play.

Imagine the little girls and boys who actually watch true to life ballerina amazing Misty Copeland dance in the American Ballet Theater and are inspired by her ability to command the stage and say to themselves, I can do that too!