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The ladies tried to be about drama this episode, but you might actually be surprised by the lightweight maturity shown later on. First, we start with Golden and Lisa at Malika’s place telling her about Paula Jai’s shady comedienne friend, Carmen, and her rude jokes during her standup, including the bit about Malika’s DUI. There was no sweat off Malika’s back though. She was so unbothered, but Golden ain’t trying to let it go. Then the topic then switched to Countess’ random rant against Golden last week. Countess’ rant still came out of left field, because she should have been mad at Carmen, but Golden stated her case with regard to Countess anyway. She feels like Countess is manipulative and that she uses situations in her family to make excuses for her behavior as a way to play victim.

In the next scene, Lisa and Countess are hanging out, and Lisa blew the whistle on what Golden said at Malika’s house. Countess isn’t happy with the news and starts turning up. We wonder if she’s going to bring out that same aggression when she sees the crew again, but swiftly realize that she probably won’t. There’s a pattern with Countess. She pops off on people after leaving the room with them.


In some productive news, Paula tapped Dana Dane, of all random people to give her feedback on the song she worked on. Thankfully, he told her the truth —her song just isn’t ready yet and she has some work to do. Meanwhile, Golden is preparing to launch a swimsuit line and wants to ask some of the girls to model for her. She’s concerned about bringing Countess on board because they’re not quite on good terms and she’s concerned about which piece Countess would want to model. Bottom line for Golden is, she “doesn’t want a momma with a little muffin top walking in a bikini.” Chiiiilld, you know reckless had to say something shady. She might have also just turned off other moms with muffin tops from buying from her bikini line too, though.


Speaking of shady, Countess sent Lisa to fire Paula from the video collaboration they were supposed to be working on. The reason wasn’t really legit other than Countess was probably mad at Paula for Carmen’s standup. #PettyLabelle. Lisa wasn’t feeling being the messenger while Paula wasn’t feeling the fact that Countess couldn’t even face her. That was shady and cowardice so you know it’s going to come up again.

Golden had a fitting for her bikini line. Malika and Lisa came through and told Golden that Countess feels like Golden picks on her and even said, “f–k Golden!” Golden just thinks Countess is playing the victim card, which she does, but we’ve also established that Golden is a shady af mean girl. Even Malika and Lisa confirmed that Golden is always saying something smart about Countess. Golden doesn’t see it that way though. She showed up later and joined the conversation because she overheard part of it. Countess claimed that she never said “f–k Golden,” and that they were cool.


But she got called out for always trying to act like she’s cool in certain situations when she’s really not (hello Malika situation). She also brought up some old ish with Golden. Remember when Golden told her not to revert back to a bad diet after getting liposuction two years ago? That was still on Countess’ mind. Surprisingly, Golden finally apologized for it (aka, after years of trying to pretend her intentions were pure, she finally came to terms with the fact that it was obvious that she was being shady). It was then established that Countess actually does have a tendency to sometimes make a mountain out of a molehill and they all moved on. Yay maturity! Countess even tried on the bikini that Golden wanted her to wear and all was well for now, but peace never lasts long in Diva World.


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