Brandy is shutting down all the rumors that she’s expecting a bundle of joy w/ her rumored boyfriend, Sir the Baptist.

Countess Vaughn's confidence doesn't come from her hair.

The actress and reality star drops a music video on the heels of the 'Hollywood Divas' reunion special.

Countess Vaughn is no stranger to catching the wrath of social media.

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Countess and Paula's friend Carmen called each other out on being shady.

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Golden Brooks and Countess Vaughn had a long overdue conversation where they squashed their least for now.

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Malika and Countess have some unfinished business while Paula and the crew seem to have made up for now.

Lisa Wu talks to the Russ Parr about the new season of “Hollywood Divas.” Wu talked about trying to mend the relationship between her and Paula Jai Parker, but how hard it is because she changes her personality like she changes wigs. Wu also talked about how she is working with Countess Vaughn on her […]

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Paula Jai Parker is still the black sheep of the cast, and Golden Brooks is still a passive aggressive mean girls.

Countess Vaughn's sexy pics have fans question the line between thot and hot.