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A study showed that 71% of African-American suffer insomnia, compared to 25% of Americans. There’s nothing worse than not being able to go to sleep except possibly waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back asleep. Don’t count sheep! Here are 7 natural methods that will help you rest easy when nighttime falls.

1. Nix the caffeine at least 3 hours prior to bedtime. 

Caffeine is a stimulant and is known to cause a 40-minute delay in ones sleep cycle. Go to bed at 10PM? Your last cup should be finished no later than 7PM. Do you find warm drinks soothing? Opt for chamomile tea, which is known to promote sleep. Or drink hot water and lemon, which is a great detoxifier for your body.

2. Keep the temperature of your room between 60-67 degrees.

As you drift of into a slumber, your body temperature lowers. Falling asleep in a room that’s too hot will effect your sleep cycle.

3. Have sense about scents. 

Place lavender under your pillow or next to your bed to help you fall asleep at night. Research has shown that lavender lowers blood pressure and heart rate, leading to more restful sleep. Suffering from a bit of anxiety? Yup, it helps with that too!

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4. Sleep on it.

Clean sheets with a fresh scent promote better sleep. We all know how good it feels to slide into bed with freshly laundered sheets. Change your sheets once a week to promote rest.

5. Grab a book with dense information.

Take a break from your electronics as you are winding down. Studies indicate that the blue and white light from your electronics prevents your brain from producing melatonin (the chemical that makes you sleepy). Opt for a boring book to help tire your eyes and drift you off to slumber.

Sleep well, beauties!


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