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Black Lives Matter

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Tensions are running high in Minneapolis after White supremacists opened fire on Black Lives Matter protesters who were peacefully protesting the police killing of  24-year-old Jamar Clark.

As previously reported by Hello Beautiful, Clark was shot in the head by two Minneapolis police officers in the early morning hours of Sunday, November 16, after authorities responded to a domestic violence call.



Though there has been no official description of the shooters, multiple witnesses on the ground have described them as White men wearing bullet-proof vests.

According to the Associated Press, “two victims were taken to Hennepin County Medical Center by ambulance and three others were driven by private vehicles to the North Memorial Medical Center,” police said.

According to witness, officers on the scene waited several minutes before offering aid to those who had been shot, as well as maced protesters who tried to film them.


Several people on Twitter also claim that police officers allowed the shooters to get away. While this has not been confirmed, no arrests have been made.

Those on the scene have been sharing updates via the hashtag .

Kandace Montgomery, a protester on the scene, called for back up in a chilling Facebook post:

I am alive. We are not safe. White supremacists, most likely coordinated with MPD, shot 4 protesters at ‪#‎4thPrecintShutDown‬ . Get down here. 

Police took 20 minutes to respond. Upon arriving, they smiled and told protesters “isn’t this what you wanted?!”. They unleashed mace again on people for filming. Meanwhile, no police were out looking for the shooters. They don’t protect us. They are strategically working to kill us.

Much of the escalating tensions have surrounded the refusal of police to release dash-cam footage of the shooting. Gov. Mark Dayton, who has seen the video, told the Star Tribune on Monday that it is “inconclusive.”

“I’ve seen the tape. It doesn’t show anything that would be any confirmation of one point of view or another.”

“It’s basically the camera’s looking out the back door of the ambulance for the purpose of photographing what would occur in the back of the ambulance,” Dayton continued. “And there’s just a very brief fragment where Mr. Clark and one of the officers encounter each other and then they disappear from sight and there’s no other view of them until one of the officers—and there’s no audio—it appears after the shot was fired one of the officers comes back into the point of view.”

Dayton claims that he shared that information with Clark’s family.

“I told them, I give you my oath on my word of honor there’s nothing in there that’s going to provide any confirmation that officers acted as some alleged they did.”

Ten-year-old Ze’Morion Dillon-Hokin witnessed police shoot Clark and his mother said her son has been severely traumatized by the incident.

“He was in shock afterwards…He saw it all and it has upset him,” said Tequilla Dillon. “He came in and fell right over and said: ‘They are killing us.’ No child should see something like that and they are getting a therapist to try [and] help him over it.”

See the livestream of the #Justice4Jamar rally here.


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