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Dear Tom,

My name is Roderick vails and I am a forty-one year old, single dad of 4—almost 5—beautiful children.  I am writing you in hopes that my family and I will be granted a Christmas wish.   I adopted my daughter, precious when she was 4 years-old.  Now 10, she lights up my world.  Then a few years ago, two brothers, Julian, now 14, and Adair, 10, joined our family through adoption.

Recently, I was granted custody of my 13 year old god son by the courts to give him a safe and nurturing home.    I am also presently seeking guardianship of his younger brother, who now stays with me on weekends from foster care and will become my 5th child.

Tom, I am currently on disability due to a terrible car accident in august 2010 that left me with bad spine and neck injuries.    With school starting on September 2nd, I am in so much need of your Christmas wish help.   My kids need school supplies, clothing, sneakers, backpacks and winter jackets.

I know that raising 5 kids isn’t going to be easy and being on disability makes it harder, however this is the path I was meant to take and I wouldn’t have it any other way.   Anything you can do to assist me, I would great fully appreciate it.   I ask nothing of myself, just the help for my kids.

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