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Dear Tom,


I consider my big sister Tomika as my greatest gift! It is for that reason that I am reaching out to you with this Christmas Wish. For the past couple of years, I have seen my sister struggle to provide for her family, which consists of her spouse, two sons, 14 and 9 and a one year-old great-nephew, who lives with them. Her husband is also a hard worker, but unfortunately he has been laid-off from his job and Tomika is the sole bread winner.

Tom, what I love most about my sister is her continued strength and determination. She is doing everything she can to make ends meet and sometimes that is not even enough.  She is paying for my nephew to attend private school and I can tell that she is feeling the excruciating, financial pinch.  I look at her face and just see how tired and drained she is.

Well tom, Tomika is in serious need of a new refrigerator, because hers is on its very last leg!

Of course, she has been trying to save money to buy one, but the unexpected always seems to happen and now it is about to die. Please, can you grant my sister and her family a Christmas Wish and purchase a new refrigerator  I know that she will be forever grateful.

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