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“Scandal” is coming back tonight, and we’ve got a few spoilers for what’s coming up!

Happy “Scandal” Day, beauties! We’ve been waiting for this day for months, and it’s finally here. Season 4 of Shonda Rhimes‘ hit political drama premieres tonight at 9 p.m., and we can’t wait until show time!

Entertainment Weekly caught up with the cast of “Scandal,” and they just gave up all the goods. Okay, maybe not all of them, but they did spill some tea for the Gladiators.

1. RIP, Harrison

For starters, there’s no chance that Harrison is going to return. Being dead doesn’t always mean you’re gone on “Scandal” (Hey, Mama Pope!). That’s not the case with Harrison.

“You’re going to see the characters dealing with Harrison’s death, which, out of tall the things we can and cannot say, how crazy is it that I can say that Harrison is dead? I’m so confused!” said Guillermo Diaz, who plays Huck. “But he’s dead. Dead as a doornail.”

Executive producer Betsy Beers said it’s a loss that will be deeply felt on the show. “It’s safe to say that there’s no way that you can lose a child or one of the closest members of your work family and not have there be a rippling effect throughout everyone’s life,” she said. “You can expect that both of those deaths have had a profound effect on the people involved.”

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2. Relationship Status: It’s Complicated

The whole subject love is just going to be one huge mess on season 4 of “Scandal.” Things were really up in the air for several people on the show. Cyrus was newly widowed, but he may be ready for love again. Besides his little girl needs two parents!

“We start to get a feeling that Cyrus might actually date again,” said Jeff Perry, who plays Cyrus.

As rotten as Cyrus could be to his deceased husband James, ‘Shonda warned that the next man could be all wrong for the president’s right-hand man. She questioned, “Is this person worthy of Cyrus?”

Meanwhile Quinn is mending her broken heart after Huck ended things with her when she tried to reunite him with his family.

“We’ll see how she’s dealing with Huck basically cutting her out of his life again,” Katie Lowes told EW. “He was her mentor. He’s the only person who understands her and she may be one of the only people who understands him because they have a lot of the same addiction problems, tendencies and needs, they really speak a language that’s not verbal.”

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3. Olivia’s Back!

Life has gone on without Olivia Pope, but it hasn’t been the same for her friends, colleagues and loved ones. Having lost their common bond, it’s possible that they may have all spun-off in their separate directions.

“Without Olivia, is there an OPA?” Katie asked.

For his part, Guillermo added, “Huck is sad about Olivia being gone.”

They won’t have to be without Olivia much longer because a huge catastrophe will yank her from the and surf to return to DC, so that she can do what she does best: Save everyone. Oh, she’s bringing Jake with her, but Scott Foley, who plays Jake, said, “There will be a clear understanding about Jake’s intentions and feelings towards B613 and Olivia Pope.”


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