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Believe in yourself! Invest in yourself! Don’t sell yourself short or play yourself cheap.

I gather inspiration from the stories of many people that have achieved some level of greatness.  Sylvester Stallone‘s journey to getting the movie “Rocky” green lit is one such story.   Stallone turned down $300,000 (today’s equivalent of $1 Million) for the rights to his “Rocky” script.  Producers loved it but wanted one of Hollywood’s several leading men, at the time, to play Rocky. With only $106 in his bank account, Stallone turned down the money and took a gamble on HIMSELF.  Six “Rocky” installments, an Academy Award,  and a Broadway production later, it’s safe to say Hollywood was wrong. Ha!

But what would’ve become of Sylvester Stallone had he taken that $300,000 believing Burt Reynolds and Ryan O’Neil were bigger names and therefore better actors than he?  What if he had doubted that he, an unkown, could be a box office draw?  Thank goodness the world will never know!  Read the full story here.  

Be inspired! Be victorious! 


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