Everyone is talking about spreading holiday cheer, buying gifts, giving to charity, what they’re wearing to holiday parties and who they’ve selected for Secret Santa. But what if you're just not feeling it this year?

Came across something from Soul Pancake that I thought I’d share with you. Often we fail to even make an attempt at things simply because of FEAR. Someone once gave me an encouraging word about tackling life challenges by mastering my fear. It has helped me a lot. Perhaps when you view this video and […]

There is something wrong with you when you want to be “the only one.” The smartest…the fastest…the prettiest…the most talented… If you are uncomfortable sharing presence with others that exhibit some sort of greatness, that’s a sure sign of insecurity. You waste energy and weaken yourself in trying to supplant others. For what’s better than […]

  Compromise is a necessary part of life.  No one can survive in this world without being willing to yield in some way shape or form.  Successful people are masters at compromise.  They know what and how much to concede.  There is no template when it comes to compromise as every situation is different. MY […]

I am not one to over utilize acronyms but every now and then I create or come across a good one.  So many of us operate in fear.  We fear death.  We fear loss.  We even fear success.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to eliminate fear from our spectrum of emotions?  We can! […]

If you look deep enough, there’s a bright spot in every grey day. In fashion and in LIFE, be creative and find yourself a pop of color! Follow  @aprilwattslive on Facebook  Instagram & Twitter

I remember the exact day and precise moment I threw worry out the window.  It was Sunday, October 27, 2013.  I was twelve miles into the 38th Marine Corps Marathon when my quad cramped up.  My muscle formed a knot the size of a fist and protruded through my running pants.  The pain and the […]

Last night, I watched one of my favorite movies.  “Cinderella Man,” starring Russell Crowe, is a film based on the life of former boxing champion James Braddock.  It’s the story of an extraordinary comeback by a man that had been counted out.  Braddock had everything going against him–age, health, and finances–and achieved the unthinkable due to […]

The public release of the video that shows former NFL running back Ray Rice slugging his fiancee (now wife) and pulling her unconscious body out of an elevator has challenged me to ponder some larger issues.  Of course I thought about domestic violence.  As I began to think deeper, it occurred to me that our society has a […]

Hey Lovie!   I had something I needed to share with you at the precise moment I recorded this. No make up. No pretense. Just me and my message. I hope you feel me on it.  If you’ve ever wondered what drives me, here’s a glimpse.   Make life beautiful!   Follow @aprilwattslive on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Believe in yourself! Invest in yourself! Don’t sell yourself short or play yourself cheap. I gather inspiration from the stories of many people that have achieved some level of greatness.  Sylvester Stallone‘s journey to getting the movie “Rocky” green lit is one such story.   Stallone turned down $300,000 (today’s equivalent of $1 Million) for […]

Oprah Winfrey may not be on TV every day anymore, but her influence is still vast. Her OWN Network has increased viewership with popular reality…