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Drinking one or two sodas a day destroys our diets. It’s easy to get a lot of excess calories from sugar hidden in sodas – diet sodas included. The excess calories from sugar and sugar substitutes are stored as fat, causing people to gain weight. That leads to obesity, which in turn predisposes us to diabetes and heart disease, and unfortunately these all can lead to early death.

It’s all preventable with healthy diet and exercise. If you are already diabetic,  you shouldn’t be drinking soda anyway – not regular or diet soda! People think that they can drink diet soda in excess because it doesn’t contain real sugar.

Drink more water. It’s FREE and it can help curb your appetite. Cutting back on sodas can help you get to and maintain a healthy weight; reduce risk for diabetes, heart disease, and other obesity-related health problems.

Don’t be fooled by artificial sweeteners, they are not a good substitute. If you do drink soda, remember the key is everything in moderation.

Instead of a sugary snack, have a piece of fresh fruit for dessert.

What are some natural ways to control blood sugar?

Exercise and watching your calorie intake.

I’m diabetic how is turbinado sugar and raw sugar?

Sugar is sugar. Strive to limit your total sugar intake.

What about Stevia?

Artificial sweeteners may actually trigger the brain to crave even more sugar. Limit your sugar intake including artificial sweeteners.

But is the artificial sweeteners bad itself?

It depends. The key is everything in moderation and consult your doctor for your personal dietary recommendations.

Does that 25g include natural sugars in fruit?

I think the American Heart Association is referring to processed foods.

What about natural sugar in fruits?

It’s better than processed sugar but if you are diabetic you may need to limit the amount of fruit you eat.

Does that include raw honey?

Yes. Remember to never give raw honey to infants.

What about frozen fruit?

It’s better than processed sugar but the same rules apply. If you are diabetic you may need to limit the amount of fruit you eat.

Dr. I use honey in my coffee and tea and cooking. I think it’s better.

Honey has other natural nutrients and has been traditionally called the food of the gods because its dense in calories and can provide more energy. However, too many calories from the rest of your diet may lead to even more obesity.

I have diabetes my LCD is 6.7 what is the best way to lower my numbers?

6.7 is very good! Remember to moderate your diet and increase activity and exercise.

What is The best and quickest way to get rid of lots of belly fat?

Exercise and limit calorie intake. Leg raises will help target the belly fat. Do leg raises during commercial breaks while you are lying down.

How do you reduce sweet cravings? I find that I have to eat something sweet after EVERY meal. I am not diabetic, but I am in my early 40s.

You will have to actively reduce the amount of sugar intake which will help reset your “internal thermostat” and over time will decrease your cravings. Self discipline will be required.

Is sugar in the raw better for us?

Better than processed sugars but again sugar is sugar. Strive to limit your total sugar intake.

I have a very high metabolism….what do I need to do to gain and maintain a certain weight?

Eat more. Also try weight training.

Do you think that a Dr. visit is in order if you get headaches every day?


I am a type II diabetic and I have been told I am becoming insulin resistance. What does that mean too me though? Am I going to become a person that is untreatable…and then what?

Insulin resistance is best treated by weight loss and exercise.

Does the doctor have a book or website?

No, but you can get more general health medical information about where I work at here

Is Agave a safe alternative to sugar?

Yes, but remember the key is everything in moderation.

Is there a safe diet for obese Menopausal women with type 2 diabetes to follow?

A calorie and carbohydrate controlled diet is best.

So what type of sugar should we use for coffee or tea?

Regular sugar or brown sugar. The key is moderation.

What about the raw brown sugar?

Raw brown sugar is unprocessed but still calorie dense. The key is moderation.

I switched to using organic coconut sugar is that better or is it basically the same?

Basically the same but it may have additional antioxidants which may be better for the heart.

What exactly does it mean to be pre diabetic?

That means your fasting blood sugar is 120 or greater. This is the best time to get on an exercise and diet program to prevent progression to diabetes.

I have a sugar addiction. How do I wean myself off of sugar?

Self discipline is the only way. Start decreasing intake daily or weekly. You will have withdrawal symptoms but stay the course.

What about foods that have high fructose corn syrup?

Try to avoid altogether by reading the labels. It’s hidden in so many different foods.

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