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Man breaks into National Civil Rights Museum, Sleeps on Bed

Around 1 a.m. Wednesday morning, security officers at the National Civil Rights Museum they heard glass breaking and went to check out the area. They found a smashed window on the second floor of the Lorraine motel – the same motel where civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. Read more

Five Hasidic Jews Arrested for Williamsburg Attack on Gay Man

The NYPD has arrested five Hasidic men in connection with the beating of a gay black man in Williamsburg last December. The attack, which was initially investigated as a hate crime, took place on Flushing Avenue at around 5 a.m., when 23-year-old Taj Patterson was walking around after a night out. Patterson says he found himself surrounded by over a dozenmen, some of whom were members of the Shomrim, a neighborhood patrol made up of Hasidic volunteers. The group claims to have beeninvestigating reports that Patterson was seen vandalizing cars, which turned out to be untrue. But, when Patterson tried to get away from them, they restrained, kicked, and punched him while shouting anti-gay slurs, including “stay down, f—-t.” Read more.

“It’s Just Overwhelming”: Tyler Perry Pays Year’s Worth Of Rent For Family With Sick Teen Facing Eviction

If there’s one thing you can say about Tyler Perry, it’s that he has an incredibly big heart. He’s helped school districts get back on their feet, and now he’s doing the same for the family of a teen with severe aplastic anemia. The family of five has struggled to pay rent and financially deal with the needs of 16-year-old son, John Williams, who has already had two bone marrow transplants. Read more

Michelle Obama announces one-stop job site for vets

First lady Michelle Obama has announced a new online effort to link soldiers leaving the military with jobs that match their skill sets. She said Wednesday that the new Veterans Employment Center provides one-stop shopping for troops as they transition to civilian life. Read more

Elderly Grandmother Tied Up by Police During Raid

Ruth Hunter was stunned one morning earlier in April when her front door abruptly flew open and she heard shouts of “Police!” WTVR reports. “I thought someone was breaking in to rob or kill me,” the 75-year-old Virginia grandmother, who likes to keep to herself, told the news station. But it was state law enforcement conducting a raid for a drug investigation, and they tied up the elderly lady’s hands before peppering her with questions. Read more

Brooklyn DA to Stop Prosecuting for Low-Level Pot Arrests

The Brooklyn district attorney’s office will stop prosecuting low-level marijuana arrests, according to a confidential memo obtained by the New York Times. The district attorney, Kenneth P. Thompson sent the policy proposal to the New York Police Department earlier this month. The memo states that charges against anyone arrested with a small amount of marijuana who lacks a prior conviction will be “immediately dismissed,” and “the police will be directed to destroy the defendant’s fingerprints.” Some 8,500 people were processed last year in Brooklyn on low-level drug charges. Read more

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