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Wendy Pittman is a successful businesswoman, mother, and wife. She and her family live in the Washington DC area. Her daughter, Tiffani Rae, is a young fashionista just like her mother. Her son, Christopher, is a student at Howard University. Wendy and her Husband, Eric, are active philanthropists and are heavily involved in helping local and national charities. Wendy is the founder of My Bougie Baby, a showroom featuring age-appropriate and fashion forward clothing options for young girls ages 4-14.

How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style is classic and chic, and I spice it up with bold pops of color and fun accessories like a cropped motorcycle jacket or bold statement jewelry.

Who is your favorite designer and why?

My favorite fashion designer is Maryland-based Jody Davis. She merges my current wardrobe with chic, classic pieces perfectly combined with edges and textures of vibrant colors or sweet lace. When I wear her designs, I have the confidence of a woman on a mission.

What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?  

My favorite item in my wardrobe is my Alexander McQueen clutch. It always adds the perfect finishing touch to any look, from a pair of sknny jeans and heels to my after 5 look, a Jody Davis little black cocktail dress. It is fairly simple and sleek, leaving endless options for styling.

What individual has had the greatest influence on your style?

Jody Davis is the key influencer over my style. Her clothing gives me confidence and has helped me perfect my look.

What was the inspiration for My Bougie Baby?

My daughter, Tiffani Rae, was the inspiration behind My Bougie Baby. While shopping for her clothing, we couldn’t seem to find anything that truly fit her unique personal style or that was age appropriate for a young lady. This gave me the idea to create a showroom that offers age-appropriate and chic, fashion forward clothing for young girls everywhere.

In one sentence, describe your philosophy or approach towards life.

Life is my opportunity to give all I have to give, to help people in need, to fulfill my personal goals, and to enjoy the love of my family.

Learn more about Wendy Pittman and My Bougie Baby by visiting the website.