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When I was in my teens, I had an image of the person I wanted to be and I did everything I could to exhibit those personality traits.  In trying to exhibit those characteristics, I’m quite sure I went overboard.  Well into adulthood, I am that person I wanted to be when I was a teen.  There is a certain comfort that comes in knowing who you are.  When you know who you are, you are liberated from the need to prove anything to anyone.  What a wonderful place to reside!  Also consider, the famoush quote from Sun Tsu, “When you’re strong show them weakness, when you’re weak show them strength.”  People are rarely what they appear to be on the surface and the average person knows this.  So when you go overboard to present a certain image, most people know you’re “faking the funk.”   For instance, being loud doesn’t make you right and being forceful doesn’t make you strong.  When you “are” you don’t have to try.  Just be.