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“Most of us live in carefully crafted boxes.  Good, bad or indifferent the boxes we live in are comfort zones.  Within these boxes, all of our experiences (professional, social, intellectual, and spiritual) are like reenactments of Michael Keaton in Groundhog Day.  We experience the same patterns of thinking, being, and doing over and over and over.   Comfort is a good thing, right?  When it comes to a pair of shoes, YES.  When it comes to personal development, we must be careful that comfort doesn’t become complacency.  If everyone and everything around you confirms what you hold to be true, you may be stagnant and not even know it.   Wouldn’t it be a shame to pull your head from beneath the sand, one day, and realize you are behind in everything and the world has passed you by? Most often than not, growth is process that is challenging.  We must actively seek people and experiences that cause us to broaden our horizons.  Keep your edge!  Stay ahead of the curve!  Get uncomfortable!”  -April Watts