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An O.J. documentary claims a known serial killer murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. However, Goldman’s father still maintains that Simpson killed Brown and his son, and O.J. still owes the victims’ families millions of dollars stemming from a wrongful death civil suit he lost in 1997. The former football player, 65, was infamously found not guilty in a court of law for his ex-wife’s death and the death of her friend.

A serial killer named Glen Rogers allegedly confessed to the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman in 1995. Rogers is currently incarcerated in Florida where he will be executed for the murder of a woman named Tina Marie Cribbs. He once admitted to killing 70 people, but he later recanted and said he was joking. Rogers has also been convicted of the murder of Sandra Gallagher Los Angeles, Calif. and linked to an additional dozen murders or more.

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