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Another day, another open letter! Bow Wow’s father has penned an emotional letter asking his son to stop “throwing him under the bus” airing their family’s dirty laundry in public.

The rapper has not been quiet about his  troubled relationship with his biological father, Alfonso Moss, who suffers from alcoholism, and has let it be known that the two aren’t on speaking terms.

Alfonso has penned an open letter in which he calls for his son to keep the peace:

“Son, I guess the only way you want to communicate with me is through the media. I recently read your article in Vibe and I felt like I needed to contact you,” the note began.

“First off, I want you to know how happy and proud I am of you and your success. I was also blessed that your mother and step-father did an excellent job of raising you to the man you are today. I can also say that I am proud that you have done your best to be a father to your daughter. I don’t want you to have the regrets that I have had for not being in your life more than I have been. Your Grandfather, my Dad, left me at an early age as well, it is time to stop this cycle.”

“I actually thought that we were making positive steps to rebuild our relationship when we spoke last year during labor day weekend. I thought that call was going to be like it use to be when you and one of your girlfriends were together and you asked me how to cook tacos.”

“We had a good bonding moment. So, when you called me last year, I thought we were having a private conversation only to see the video on of you asking me “are you clean,” like I’m some kind of junkie or something. I am NOT a junkie, but I am an alcoholic.”

“I am concerned and worried about you. I am not sure if you know this or not, but Alcoholism runs on both sides of your family. Both of your grandfathers and me have struggled with the disease. Please be careful and be mindful so that you will not succumb to this disease that is in your genes.”

After admitting to signing a contract to star in a new reality show, Celebrity Dads With Regrets, Alfonso reveals he later back out of the deal and also refused to take money for interviews. He then went on to say he only asks that his son give him another chance to mend their relationship, even comparing their woes to other celebrities who have experienced family feuds.

“Shad, I never asked you for anything, but I am asking for one thing now. Can you please stop throwing me under the bus and talking bad about me?” Alfonso continued.

“I may be an alcoholic, but I never physically abused you. Keyshia Cole tried to help her Mother. Tyler Perry takes care of his family financially and he was sexually abused by some of them. All I am asking is that you stop dragging my name in the mud.”

Bow Wow is not having a good week, hisbaby mama’s sister also put him on blast for being a deadbeat dad, and  not spending enough time with his one-year-old daughter Shai.

Do you think Bow Wow give his father another chance? Or do you think he’s just playing nice to get a check?

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