Chile… somebody come get Lil Bow Wow!  He got caught posting a fake picture on Instagram, of a private jet w/ expensive cars on the runway with the caption – Travel Day. 

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    ‘Black Twitter’ has been having a field day with roasting rapper/actor Bow Wow for apparently lying about his lifestyle on social media. The Lottery Ticket leading actor posted a picture on Instagram of a chartered jet and luxury vehicles as if he was living the high life.   Then moments later a Twitter […]

Steve Harvey says that ya’ll need to respect the president… You know the video that Snoop Dogg put out showed a clown dressed as Donald Trump with a confetti gun pointed at him…

Funny how Kimberly Guilfoyle had nothing to say when conservatives such as Ted Nugent hurled racial epitaphs and death threats at former President Obama and his family.

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Bow Wow is being blamed for the Atlanta Falcons' loss in yesterday's Super Bowl LI.

The rapper, who's been catching L's all year for his social media antics, is back at it again with another rant.

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  There is nothing radical about refusing to vote. It doesn’t make you a renegade, a rebel or a rabble-rouser. And, if you’re a celebrity sharing your misguided views with millions of young followers — many of whom are eligible to vote for the first time — you’re a disgrace. If you didn’t already think […]