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Donnie Simpson

Source: ione / iOne

‘Black Twitter’ has been having a field day with roasting rapper/actor Bow Wow for apparently lying about his lifestyle on social media. The Lottery Ticket leading actor posted a picture on Instagram of a chartered jet and luxury vehicles as if he was living the high life.


Then moments later a Twitter user posted a pic of Bow Wow flying on a commercial plane just like the rest of us regular folks.  Al_Khee’s caption read, “So this guy lil bow wow is on my flight to NY. But on instagram he posted a picture of a private jet captioned “traveling to NY today” smh.”


Needless to say Shad Moss aka Lil’ Bow Wow is now the laughing stock of social media and has even spawned a new challenge called the #BOWWOWCHALLENGE:


This is getting pretty interesting as the original picture Bow Wow lifted was discovered to be on Google. Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there who think celebrities are just balling out of control.