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Ever since Karlie Redd popped up onLove & Hip Hop Atlanta” she has caused controversy between cast members. The aspiring artist, who also dabbles in acting, had a recent Twitter beef with K Michelle, where Michelle questioned her age and career!

During the last episode of “Love & Hp Hop Atlanta” K Michelle exposed Karlie, claiming that she is 50. She also claims she helped Karlie apply for an AARP card.

We’ll be honest, we don’t know how old Karlie is, but after careful evaluation (which we share, below) we have determined that she is too d**n old to be trying to start a career!

Starting at the age 50, we added or subtracted years based off physical, visual and rumored evidence.

Evidence Entry 1:

K Michelle tweeted that she applied, on behalf of Karlie Redd, for an AARP card. The AARP help people age 50 and over. +1 year

Current Age= 51

Evidence Entry 2:

In this photo from her Twitter page, she looks very youthful. -3 years

Current Age= 48

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Evidence Entry 3:

No one gets plastic surgery on their hands therefore you can always tell their real age by taking a glance at those phalanges. Judging by Karlie’s… +2

Current Age= 50

Evidence Entry 4:

Her boyfriend, Antonio Reid Jr. is 31-years-old. -3 years because of her young boo!

Current Age= 47

Evidence Entry 5:

Joseline Hernandez exposed that Karlie Redd is much older than her, so she understand her trying to give her advice. +1

Current Age= 48

Evidence Entry 6:

Is it so that when you hit a certain age, things just don’t sit right? According to K Michelle, on episode three, Karlie’s booty implant is deflated and recommends getting it fixed! +2

Current Age= 50

Evidence Entry 7:

Birthday cake with no age. +2

Current Age= 52

We conclude that Karlie is 52! But don’t hold us to it, figure it out for yourself!

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