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We’ve finally made it to the home stretch, the season finale of “Basketball Wives”. This season was absolutely crazy. We saw a 14 year friendship between Evelyn and Jennifer crumble right before our eyes, saw Ev self destruct on Kenya and witnessed the “slap heard around the world” which started a huge legal deal with Jen and Nia. What better way to end this season than to Jen and Ev back together for one last hoorah. We picked up from Ev chasing Jen around their resort in Tahiti to get her to “lay everything on the table”. Ev is upset that Jen continues to run her mouth on her Twitter page, blogs and interviews with magazines about the situation with Nia and Ev’s choice in men. Jen still tries to remain clueless as if she has no idea why Ev is mad and doesn’t even know what interview she’s referring to. Shaunie tries to talk to Jen and get her to speak with Ev one on one but at this point, Jen doesn’t want to hear it and continues to stay hidden away in her room away from the drama. “Her whole existence is a lie, and I will stand by that,” Ev says, and by the looks of Ev’s facial expressions it seems as if she’s going to take the entire episode to prove that.

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It seems as if whatever happened when they went to Vegas last year was a huge deal because Ev will NOT let it go. She keeps bringing up the fact that Jen slept with other people while she was married to Eric on their Vegas vacation. Whatever happened to the saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”?

Surprisingly enough, Ev is not picking up bottles and jumping on tables in this week’s episode. Instead, she’s crying over the lose of her friendship with Jen. At this moment, I can truly see the value that Ev placed on her friendship with Jen, and it’s sad to see their 14 years go down the drain.

Kenya and Tami try and talk to Ev and explain to her that it’s time she move on and by the next day, Ev is in great spirits and seems to have finally out the situation to rest. Until Jen decides to emerge from her hotel and approaches Ev and the rest of the girls. “Do you realize that you’re really the start of all this?” Evelyn asks Jennifer. “You are the reason why our friendship is where it’s at and everything that’s going on, all the drama, all the s— with Nia, after the slap or whatever happened, you go and do another interview.”

Jen still acts confused about what interview Ev is referring to but Ev doesn’t give her a chance to think before she starts bringing up skeletons from Jen’s past and her “sexcapades” in Vegas. After nothing seems to get resolved, Ev politely dismisses Jen from the conversation, and Jen dismisses herself (with Kenya following her) from the island and heads back to Miami.

At dinner, Suzie (who can’t keep a secret to save her life) tells the other girls that she saw Jen and Kenya leaving the island. The remaining girls are shocked that it’s come down to this, but quickly forget about it when Ev surprises everyone with gifts and small notes showing her appreciation. It’s good to finally see a peaceful moment on this trip!

After the girls head back to Miami, Tami decides to meet up with Royce and tell her about all the drama that happened on the island. The only problem is that Kesha has already told Royce all the details about everything, and Royce is a little upset at the way Tami treated Kesha. “I don’t have time for a friend of mine to chastise me and dictate what I should be saying in this situation and not acknowledge what the other person is doing,” Tami tells Royce. It looks like Tami isn’t too happy with the fact that Kesha talked to Royce about the situation and the fact that Royce took Kesha’s side because her only words to Shaunie about Royce were, “F*** Royce”.

Looks like another friendship bites the dust.

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