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Pilar Sanders is spilling the tea on how she discovered Deion was cheating on her with an 18 year-old girl and the publicly humiliating way she found out he was filing for divorce: on Facebook!!

Q: How long had your marriage been troubled before you learned that Deion filed for divorce?

A: We were not on our way to get a divorce. We had spoken about it some time here and there but at that point we were not in a fight, we were not getting a divorce. We had just come from the Hall of Fame. We had just been on a road trip with seven charter buses with kids and families. It wasn’t that type of party whatsoever. Then one day, he meets me in the garage and gives me divorce papers. I say, “Wow are you serious?” He says, “You can have everything, I just want the house. You can have everything inside, you can have money, the kids, just leave me the house.” I said “Wow, if that’s what you want to do.” He gave me divorce papers in September but he never filed so it was a mind game.He says that he didn’t tell the media about the divorce in September and I believed him. He then tells the media that we are not getting a divorce.

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Q: There have been online rumors that Deion was having an affair with a 19 year old woman and assisted by his friend Pac-Man Jones. Is there any truth to this?

A: A girl tweeted myself and someone else pictures of her in a hotel room with one hand on his back and tweeted text messages that had been exchanged. So I just happened to be on twitter that night and I saw it and I woke Deion up and asked, “is this you” and he said “yeah that’s me, that’s me but they must have photo-shopped that hand in there I don’t know who that is.” Im very calm and understanding, and probably too compassionate and said “o.k., you just got caught out there and you need to figure out what your story is because obviously you are not telling me the truth and I’m sure this is going to hit mainstream soon” and I kinda left. He never really got a reaction out of me. I got about six different stories and none of the stories ever matched. Time passes and I’m still at the house, still cooking dinner and we are at a football year-end banquet and he’s not there, I’m there with the children and people start coming up to me and asking me how I’m doing regarding the divorce. My reaction is ‘no, that’s old. That’s news from September. They said no he posted it on Facebook. I said ‘he doesn’t have a Facebook account, he hadn’t had one the entire time. To me that was very chic-like. Its very girlish. I’ve never known a man to do anything like that. A lot of little things he had been doing were female inspired.

Q: How did you learn of the alleged 18 year old mistress?

A: I found out that one of the mainstream media outlets said they were breaking a story about him cheating with this 18 year old girl and he said none of this is true, but one of the smaller African-American outlets had already gotten to it and proven it, but he said it doesn’t matter because we are going to get a divorce anyway and then it appeared on Facebook. I now realized that our divorce was the only story that could trump the story of his cheating with an 18 year old so he used that. After that, we was trying to get me out of the house by doing really nasty things like moving my stuff around in the house putting my things in the garage. Having kids come over and move my stuff. Anything you can think of that’s what he did.

Q: How did your children learn of the divorce?

A: He began to speak very ill of me to my sons. He began giving my sons copies of our divorce papers, every motion admitted, he would give my sons copies and he would have them sitting down reading them. He would go line by line with the papers and send my children up to me and my boys would be crying and getting mad saying ‘ why would you say daddy abused you, why would you say daddy does this and daddy does that.” and I said where did you get this’ and then they hand me the papers and my mouth dropped. What adult, what sane person would do this? Its against our county law for you to discuss this stuff with your children. There are family rules – every single rule he discounted and threw to the side – he never got in trouble –nothing ever happened, so he continued to do more and more and more, kept pushing the envelope because no one could stop him.

Isn’t Deion a little two old to be putting his business on Facebook??

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