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Every woman has that “Waiting To Exhale” moment where they undergo a hellafied break-up with their significant other and in order to get back to your old self again, sometimes you have to make a few changes. Now not every woman has to make these changes but it will certainly give you that certain “oomph” that can make you feel single and sexy! Check out the 5 changes to make after a break up below:

5. Change your hairstyle. A simple change to that same hairstyle that you’ve been sporting for umpteen years could not only boost your self-esteem but enhance your attitude as well. A dramatic cut, a brighter color or highlights, or even a new wig/weave could unleash your inner diva.

4. Take yourself shopping. “Out with the old and in with the new.” During a time when it is so easy to fall into that cold black hole known as depression can very well be avoided if you will yourself to get out of the bed and get out of those frumpy long johns and go indulge and spend some “me” time. Hit the mall and splurge on at least one thing you’ve been wanting for yourself, trust me it can make you feel a lot better.Warning: This can only be beneficial when done in moderation and with the strong use of self-control, or else you could find yourself in a deeper hole of depression.

3. Make goals for yourself. Make goals for yourself so you can see what it is that you want and make it a point to meet those goals. It is important to keep yourself busy if you want to avoid thinking about him. Accomplish some of the things you’ve always wanted to accomplish in life. If you need to go back to school, go back to school, if you need to get your GED  do that, just remember this process is all about bettering yourself as a woman.

2. Create a bucket list. As I previously stated it is important to keep busy and not only that but this is the time to dedicate time to you. After being in a relationship for so long sometimes it can become easy for your needs and wants to fall by the wayside, and if this happened to you this is your time to take advantage of the time you lost and document all of the things you want to do before you die and complete them. By the time your next relationship comes around you’ll feel totally complete.

1. Hit the gym. *Cues Kanye West “Workout Plan”* There is no better feeling then for your ex to see you post break up looking in tip top shape. Not only does it make you feel good for your ex to see you in the best shape of your life but your friends as well. Sometimes the hardest thing to do after a break up is get your self-esteem back up, and the first step to do this is to work out and stay healthy.

Follow these 5 steps post break-up and you’ll be on your way to a fresher and better you!

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