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Now here’s irony for ya: I decide to travel for a bit around the world, missing no less than three weddings back home in the process and still end up at a wedding two weeks after arriving in Kenya .


The nuptials of Sheila and Tele Waki were celebrated off of a beautiful lake on the outskirts of a Nairobi coffee bean farm. The guests were decked out in Africa’s finest while the bride choose an unusual color theme of red and black — she actually wore a red wedding gown!!

*Her bridesmaids wore red and black polka dot dresses.

Take that, Kate Middleton!

The ceremony differed from an American wedding in the following ways:

-both the bride and the groom addressed their families publicly sharing words of love and praise

– the priest was very vocal offering up marriage advice on the spot (he was actually quite good)

-the bride was ushered to her reception with a warm dancing, singing welcome by all of the women at the wedding.

All in all it was a beautiful 500 person (very Jet mag-friendly) ceremony…check out the flix from the wedding as well as my wedding outfit!

Let’s Keep This Fashionship Going…up next? An interview with an oh-so-swaggerlicious Kenyan fashion designer!