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I’m sure you all have seen Erykah Badu’s new video for the single entitled “Window Seat”. The song is lovely and the video shows Ms. Badu stripping down to her bare essentials. It is clear that Ms. Badu does not give a f**k. So far the responses have been positive. No one is saying that it was in poor taste or that it was at all inappropriate. In fact the critiques I have heard thus far are from the male audience members who were unaware that Ms. Badu was so shapely in the derriere department. Rewind to a few weeks ago when Lady Gaga and Beyonce released their video for the single “Telephone” and the response was and still is mixed. Some people thought it was creative while others felt that it was in poor taste, too sexual,  and that the two were simulating a lesbian relationship.  It was especially a big No-No for the “I’m a good girl until I turn into Sasha Fierce” Beyonce.

India Arie Strikes Back At Telephone Fans

India Arie Calls Telephone Vid Socially Irresponsible

Hmmm.. I want to play devil’s advocate. What makes someone like Erykah Badu entitled to stretch her creative layers to the peaks of nudity while Lady Gaga/ Beyonce are judged harshly when they venture too far off?  Mind you that I am not a big fan of any of the artists mentioned so I have no personal favorites. Is it because Erykah Badu is known for being “deep” and providing thought provoking music therefore she can get away with almost anything in her videos as long as their is a hidden message within the folds? While Beyonce and Lady Gaga are on the other end of the spectrum of music genres with their mostly Pop, top 100 radio friendly joints….. To Read The Rest Of This Article Go To YeahSheSaidIt