Comedian rockstar (as he called himself) Kevin Hart is in talks to star in remake of the 1974 comedy “Uptown Saturday Night’.

Plus, more highlights from Will’s four months of Instagram greatness.

Will comically celebrated the talents he passed along to his son by spoofing Jaden's music video.

Thank God that Will Smith is finally on Instagram and sharing his Universal sense of humor with the rest of the world. Another great thing about seeing Big Willie on IG is all the creative inspiration he gets from the young fans who follow him — including the concept of an animated version of the […]

Will Smith is cradling a baby wombat as it rests in his arm. “This is our new baby,” he jokes. The clip begins with him feeding a crocodile with a long pole. “That wasn’t nothing,” he says. In another post, he’s solving the Rubik’s cube. If you scroll down some more, he and Denzel Washington […]

Donnie Simpson Show

  Well it seems all the ranting Tyrese has done on social media paid off after he called out his millionaire/billionaire friends who did not step up to help out in his time of need.     Will & Jada Smith have stepped up to give Tyrese more than enough assistance to help keep him […]

Don’t tell me that Tyrese doesn’t do the absolute most on social media. You know he’s been having breakdowns, going off on people, and writing full novels… in his latest post, Tyrese thanked his wife for her support thru the custody court battle with his ex. The LA County Dept of Children and Family Services […]

Guess which member of the Banks family stood up to the culture vulture.

Sad to hear this news… it looks like ‘Bad Boys 3’ may not happen after all. Reportedly, after losing a director for the film and setbacks on the release date, Martin Lawrence tells EW that he doesn’t think it’s going to happen. He says that Will is doing another movie right now.  So, let’s just […]

Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff are to headline two festivals in August. The UK’s Livewire Festival and MTV’s Summerblast in Croatia.