tonight show

Donald Trump may not be the most liked man in America right now, but that didn't stop Jimmy Fallon from making him a guest on his show.

Did y’all see Mo’ne Davis’ appearance on the “Tonight Show?” Host Jimmy Fallon bet Mo’ne a Philly cheesesteak if the Little League Baseball star could strike…

Years ago, my now 25 year old son decided that he wanted to make music for a living.  I always told him it was a hobby until he got a check.  Last year, he signed with Wind Up records as a writer.  With that signing came checks and no longer will I ever consider what he […]

My daughter put this on her Facebook page today and I thought I would share it with the Majic family.  Caution, tears may fall.

Check out the video of Terrance Howard on Jay Leno explaning why he has stitches.