Samsung plans to offer cell phone users a miracle battery that can charge in a matter of minutes — 12 to be exact. They will do this using Graphene, an ultra-thin layer that is applied to batteries. This infinitesimal layer is also 200 times stronger than steel. Samsung has now made balls of this stuff, […]

  2017 is almost over and there’s still an age-old beef that needs to be settled: Samsung vs Apple. Though the majority of the human population are Apple users, Samsung has managed to hold their own for years, despite the stiff competition. Plus the Korean corporation has never been shy about making fun of Apple […]

Wow! Yesterday CeeLo Green had his fans terrified when video surfaced of the rapper / singer / producer collapsing after his cell phone exploded in his face, only to come clean just a few hours later with the truth. Many social media commenters questioned the authenticity of the disturbing video, wondering if it was staged or […]

Early Saturday morning (Dec. 17,) a video surfaced on the Internet of ‘The Voice’ judge CeeLo Green collapsing in a music recording studio. The Instagram account reports, the 42-year-old rapper / singer / record producer was injured when his cell phone exploded in his face while he was talking. See the security camera footage below from […]

Although the rapper has worked with the tech company several times in the past, their relationship will not be transferring over to Tidal.

A Samsung representative confirmed over the weekend that no Tidal deal is in the works.

Jay-Z has always been on the cutting edge of music and, most recently, business but he has taken it to the stratosphere with his new deal with Samsung.  Hova has teamed up with the technology company for the release of his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail.  The album is slated for release on July […]

Millions of viewers during game four between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs got a special treat before half time; all thanks going to Jay Z. Last week, Jay Z signed a 20 MILLION dollar deal with Samsung.  Allowing the cellphone company to stream his fourth coming album 72 hours before release.  Last […]