My money’s short, but the hustle is long. Here are online sources to help stretch that dollar.

Contrary to what commercials want you to believe, the holidays should not be one budget-busting, anxiety-filled event after another. Instead it should be about the…

US Banks take in over $38 billion in overdraft fees, which equate to more than 75% of the fees they charge on consumer deposits period. With the economy so tight these days, do you really have additional money to throw out the window? As I often remind my clients, banks are not charities; they will […]

Every day I coach women who are waiting for more time, waiting for children to grow up, waiting to get married or waiting for some person, place or thing outside of themselves to make their dreams come to fruition. When I ask why not go after their dreams NOW, the number one answer is that […]

Are you feeling stressed about your inability to spend the way you want to? Are you losing the strength and energy to resist the urge to splurge? According to a poll conducted by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), 66% of Americans are suffering from “frugal fatigue.” In a nutshell, people are sick and […]

For many of us, New Year’s resolutions symbolize either achieving a new goal and/or letting go of bad habits. As a personal finance coach, every financial goal I hear from most people surrounds saving more money. Often people want me to tell them how they can fire their boss, make more money and live happily […]

Every finance guru in America has preached that having an emergency fund is the most basic and fundamental part of having a sound financial plan. Suze Orman has told us that, “Emergency cash is a necessity, not a luxury,” while even Michelle Singletary has asserted that you need at least three to six months of […]