The cost of a college education has gotten out of hand which is why parents and students need the all the help we can get to make sure our children are not left out of shrinking job and entrepreneur opportunities. For many, financial aid is going to be the great divide and deadlines are looming for […]


Is it already time to talk taxes? You bet it is. Most 1099 forms have already gone out and everyone should be organizing their paperwork…


A few weeks ago, we talked about the psychology of investing.  Turns out that psychology plays a big role not only in investing, but also…


So we avoided the fiscal cliff but there are other things in store for us in 2013 and I want you to be prepared. First…

An old friend of mine used to joke that he wanted to be spending his last dime as he passed on.  After watching the families of celebs almost come to blows over inheritence, maybe he had it right.  Donna Summer has 3 daughters, two of them want money, while the third is attempting to be […]

Come on, who falls for this type stuff?   Come on Penny, put the drinks down, you should have known better.  Check out the scam pulled on Penny Marshall.

  For the longest time I’ve touted the sentiment that I would be perfectly fine being the breadwinner in my marriage as long as I had a supportive partner to sort of be my hype man the way so many housewives are to their husbands. I take a lot of pride in being able to […]


It’s too late to tell people they should have saved more (six months cash set aside to cover your monthly expenses.) It’s too late to say you should have worked harder or smarter or better so you wouldn’t have been the one who got laid off (not always the case but it is often the case.) It’s too late to say that you shouldn’t have spent so much money on stupid stuff – that you shouldn’t have wasted money on things that gave only very temporary satisfaction – that you shouldn’t have gone out to eat 4 nights a week or bought that car you couldn’t really afford or that house you knew you couldn’t make the payments on if anything happened to your income. It’s too late to beat people up about any of that stuff at this point, so I don’t and I won’t.

It seems there is a disconnect from what is being covered by financial news and what the public is really concerned about. You can’t turn on the financial news networks without hearing questions such as the following: “Will the US raise its debt ceiling?” “Will the tax cuts for the rich be extended?” “Will the […]

I used to not believe the old saying that “money makes you look better.” But lately I’ve been reflecting back on what some of our favorite celebs used to look like opposed to what they look like now and I’m starting to really agree with that phrase. When you look at old celebs like Jamie […]

On the surface a lot of guys can come across as “ballers,” but its up to you to be alert and pay attention to the waving red flags that make it clear this stud is really being a bum with his money. Before dating becomes “I do,” look for these warning signs and clues. If […]