The photo below was actually taken 3 weeks ago, but I didn’t want to post it unless The President was cool with it. I didn’t think to ask him the day we took it, but I did ask him when I saw him Saturday. And yes, he was cool with it. And yes, he’s just […]

Do you guys remember when Lavar Ball (father of Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball) came out his mouth and said that back in his “hey day”, he would kill Jordan on the court? Well, it’s been months but Michael Jordan is finally responding to the comment.

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  Derek Jeter is confident he and Michael Jordan will outbid rapper Pitbull and his team in the race to become owner of Major League Baseball team, the Miami Marlins. It’s all in the hands of the Marlins according to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred as the bidders are basically offering the same amount of cash. […]

The Jordan crying meme has become so legendary that President Obama mentioned it when awarding Michael Jordan with the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House. “He’s more than just a logo, more than just an internet meme,” the President jokingly said on Tuesday afternoon when he introduced the Chicago Bulls legend and Space Jam star. […]

The White House names 21 Presidential Medal of Freedom honorees. President Obama said these individuals are an inspiration to everyone.

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Conversations about race are awkward for most people. But at a certain point, confrontation is the only tool left at our disposal. Martin Luther King is remembered for his non-violent approach to activism, but even Dr. King developed a more militant mindset as he saw the nature of the beast he was up against. So […]

Plus, Michael Jordan donates $5,000,000 to the National Museum of African American History and two more women accuse Bill Cosby of assault, bringing the total number of his accusers to 60.

Michael Jordan is trying to make up for the years people said he's done nothing for the African-American community.


We’ve all dreamed that we could play like Michael Jordan in his prime. Maybe you were waving your tongue out trying to dunk or executing his deadly fade away jumper, either way since his debut MJ has always been a bigger than life figure. This was immortalized in possibly the biggest and best-known commercials in […]

The internet spent the day digesting Jordan's response, divided between ecstatic to cautious because of his long storied history with distancing himself from social justice issues. Jordan's persona at times appeared to be "business first," and his silence in regards to previous police shootings stirred up strong frustrations.