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Mimi Faust Confirms K. Michelle Assault Yesterday we told you that K. Michelle and Mimi Faust got into it last night at K’s NYC show…

Nothing brings family together like a new baby .Rumor has it that Beyonce’s parents Tina and Mathew Knowles were spotted with flowers and pink balloons tied with silver and black ribbons at the hospital over the weekend. Beyonce and her father who were on the outs for almost a year due to the child he […]

Mathew Knowles is launching another girl group. Five ladies from the UK will have compete to become a member of From Above on his brand new reality show.

Beyoncé’s father and former manager Mathew Knowles is denying that he stole money his daughter made during her last world tour. Yesterday TMZ reported that Beyoncé fired her dad after her new management company Live Nation Entertainment alerted that he “had stolen money on her most recent tour or otherwise taken funds that [he] was […]

Beyonce and her manager father Mathew Knowles have parted ways – on a business level. Though this rumor started in August of the last year, the daddy-daughter duo made the official announcement today. “Dancing With The Stars” Promises Confrontation If Chris Brown Makes Appearance Ray Charles’ Mistress Brags About Stealing His Cash & Aborting Baby […]

Mathew and Tina Knowles were spotted together at an Atlanta area Walmart promoting Tina’s new clothing line ‘Miss Tina’. Sources say that the couple are headed towards a reconciliation. Mathew has been working overtime to win back the love of his life, Tina. The insider explained: “Mathew has made mistakes, but one thing that isn’t […]

Mathew Knowles, Beyonce and Solange’s father, is heading back to school to teach undergraduate students about life in the entertainment industry. The mogul, who guided Destiny’s Child to chart success and his eldest daughter to solo superstardom, took on a lecturing role at the Texas Southern University School of Communication in Houston last year and […]

Mathew Knowles is still Beyonce’s sole manager. Beyonce Drops Her Father As Manager, Jay-Z To Step In [RUMOR] Yesterday, reports surfaced that after months of drifting apart (due to his fathering a child outside of his marriage to Tina), Beyonce and her father Mathew had finally parted ways professionally. It was also stated that Mathew […]

You had to know this was coming…After drifting apart in the last few months both personally and professionally due to her parents divorce and Mathew fathering a child, I’m hearing that Mathew will no longer manage Beyonce’s career.

Beyonce and her manager/father are apparently on the outs!!! Apparently Bey is still upset that Mathew after he fathered a love child with a woman 20 years his junior — and suits at her record label are worried that the rift could damage her career.

Kelly Rowland is on her A-game right now and setting the record straight in every way possible, any time she can. First, there was this: VIDEO: Kelly Rowland Ignores “Destiny’s Child Reunion” Question Then there was this: Perez Hilton sat down with Kelly Rowland and when asked about the statement that Mathew Knowles made, claiming […]

With the recent confirmation that Mathew Knowles did indeed father a child out of wedlock, I’m hearing that Beyonce and sis Solange AND Kelly Rowland are on their way to meet the baby boy.  Now why would Kelly be joining these two??? We’ve all heard the rumors that Mathew was Kelly’s father…HMMM!!!!