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Mathew Knowles‘ latest baby mama, TaQoya Branscomb is offended that anyone would label her as an opportunist.

Once a lingerie model and now a real estate agent, people have accused TaQoya of looking for a comeup when she hooked up with Mathew. It’s not that people hadn’t been saying it since news of his youngest daughter Koi popped up, but its only gotten worse since TaQoya reveled the adorable little brown girl.

In a statement released to TMZ by a family court in Houston, TaQoya insists that she would have announced her baby with Mathew well before now if she was simply looking to capitalize on his name.

“Mathew and I had a romantic relationship in 2009 during a difficult time in his life. It had nothing to do with Beyoncé’s music career. Despite the media speculations, I am not an ‘opportunist,’ if that was the case I would’ve spoken out four years ago. I was just as shocked as anyone when the information was leaked.”

She added, “I had remained quiet and raised my daughter as a single mother in a happy and healthy environment.”

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TaQoya sees 4-year-old Koi as her little star, and she’s done her best to make sure that her daughter has a chance to shine. “Koi has been modeling and acting long before we’ve been in the media,” TaQoya said in the statement, “like any other parent I work hard to nourish and support my daughters many talents, whatever they may be.”

Ideally, TaQoya said she would rather that her paternity battle with Mathew hadn’t been splashed across the Internet and tabloids, but she doesn’t think she had any other choice.

“I had exhausted all of my efforts to keep this out of the public eye and was forced to rely on the Houston court system to get guideline support,” the real estate agent, who will soon be releasing a vintage lingerie line, explained in her statement. “In regards to family visitation, I am always open to her to having relationship with her father and all her extended family members.”

She stated in conclusion, “Whether or not that happens, Koi will be just fine.”


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