This week’s #MCM (Man Crush Monday) goes to the ever so yummy Morris Chestnut.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Just look at this one. In other Morris Chestnut news…He and director, Malcolm D. Lee revealed that there will be a third installment of “Best Man” while at the ABFF (American Black Film Festival). […]

This week’s Man Crush is Dennis Haysbert. I was not fond of him as “Kenny” in “Waiting To Exhale,” but he’s totally yummy as the distinguished “Uncle Eddie” in “Think Like A Man Too.” Something about that salt and pepper goatee does it for me. Middle-aged man crush in full effect.

This Monday my “Man Crush” is the late, GREAT Tupak Shakur. He was so many things. A warrior. A poet. An activist. A thug. A griot. A menace. And…arguably one of the greatest thinkers of our generation. His passion is unparalleled. Tupac was an honest artist that put all his ugly, all his pretty and […]

This Monday’s “Man Crush” is Chicago bred rapper/actor Common.  I love Common because while he is “in” Hollywood, he doesn’t seem to be “of” it.  He seems to deep and introspective and his ora is that of a really good guy.  Not to mention…He’s FINE as all get out. His bald head and bone structure […]