Join me tonight at 7.  I’ve got a few things to giveaway, including tickets to the Wizards Sunday playoff game.  The Thursday Night Special starts at 8 with four songs based on the keyword, Communicate.  See you tonight at 7.  Here’s a little sample.  

Join me tonight at 8 for a musical visit back to the year 1981.  I’ve got four songs lined up to take you back.  Until tonight, here’s a little something to get you going.  From 1981, it’s Slave!

Join me tonight for the Thursday Night Special.  In honor of the Caps and the Wizards making the playoffs,  I’ll play a set of songs using the word “play” .  See you tonight at 7.  Until then, here’s an example of what you’ll get tonight.

The year tonight is 1988.  Join me for a nice trip down memory lane tonight at 8.  Just in case the memories are slow to  return, here’s one I’m sure you remember.   See you tonight at 7.

Join me tonight  at 8 for four songs from 1976 .  It’s the Tuesday Night Flashback.  Let’s bring some memories back with a quick taste of 1976 from The Emotions.  See you tonight at 7 on Majic.

Whether you have tickets for his upcoming Howard Theatre show or not, I’ll get you ready for his visit to the DMV with a set of his songs beginning at 8.  Until then, It’s time to Sweat!

As The Fresh Prince walks away to the big screen, Jamie Foxx starts his TV new show.  Will Smith takes over the box office with “Independence Day” and Eddie Murphy had us laughing in “The Nutty Professor”.  The year was 1996 and tonight at 8, I’ll have the music.  Until then, from 1996, here’s one of my favorites from […]

Tonight, it’s the man with the shoulder pads, Freddie Jackson.  I’ve got four in a row starting at 8 on Majic.  Until then, one of Freddie’s few non ballads.