Lucious Lyon

Tariq just won't strop trying to come for the Lyons. He's off the Lucious case, but his new plan of attack is to try to get Cookie.

Cookie is so pissed when she discovers that Lucious betrayed her, yet again, that she breaks out a bat to teach him a lesson.

Empire's server gets hacked and all hell almost breaks loose until Andre saves the day, but with his best interests in mind.

Cookie and Angelo are getting closer, while beef gets tense between Shyne and Empire Records.

Anika has a health scare that could threaten the baby, and more trouble could arise with Cookie and Lucious as co-Ceos.

Lucious Lyon is pulling more tricks from his sleeves to get Empire back, but eventually all of his secrets will come busting out.

Andre finds out that his grandmother was bipolar and confronts Lucious for keeping that a secret.

Hakeem, Cookie, Jamal and Andre launch their ultimate plan to take Camilla down.

Rhonda has a brush with death, Cookie devises a plan to get Empire back, and more.

Lucious sends thugs to harass Lyon Dynasty, Andre finds Jesus, and more.

Are we really ready for a Baby Boy reunion on Empire? It’s been nearly 15 years since Tyrese and Taraji P. Henson aka Jody and Yvette have been on screen together. Last season the sexy chocolate Derek Luke aka “Malcolm DeVeaux” had a six episode arch on the series. He exquisitely played Cookie’s bodyguard/love interest […]

  I’m not sure what’s jucier; the life of Lucious Lyon or the life of Terrence Howard.  Michelle Howard, Terrence’s ex-wife (in real life) is getting a chunk of his salary from “Empire.”  She’s currently receiving $5,800 a month but, according to TMZ, Michelle stands to receive “21% of anything Terrence made over $62,500 in […]