Pharrell Williams is taking legal action against President Trump for using (abusing) his hit song,

Jas Prince wants the money he's owed for discovering Drake, and he's trying new methods to get it.

Chris Brown gets sued almost as much as DMX gets locked up.

The stoner holiday – April 20 – is here and more and more states are taking the steps to make marijuana legal. In past years, its…

So it seems Anita Baker just didn’t know. According to our friends at, Anita was “in the dark” because she never got served legal papers. Considering this incident originally happened in 2009, she may have a valid point. You can read the rest of the story by clicking here.

DC is about to go green. The Nation’s Capitol has announced that it will join 15 other states that it will legalize the medicinal use marijuana, according to WUSA 9. The bill that legalize medicinal marijuana passed last year and it should be implemented on April 15. So don’t be surprised to see weed dispensaries […]

I recently told you about Dwight Howards’ baby mama Royce Reed and their drama… A 2009 injunction barred Royce from using Howard’s name in public after she allegedly called him out on Twitter and on television. In December, the NBA star sued his former lover for defamation.