One Philadelphia family’s worst nightmare is over as Carlesha Freeland-Gaither has been found alive! Carlesha was snatched off the street in Philly suburb over…

It seems there is plenty of  blame that is accompanying the kidnapping of the three women in Cleveland.  Many have questioned why neighbors didn’t notice anything and when they did, why the Cleveland police didn’t follow up better.  Now, folks are jumping on the wrong advice given by Sylvia Browne. Huffington Post is reporting that […]

I hope you remember the story of Brian Banks.  If not,  he was convicted of rape as a 16 year old and spent 5 years in prison.   Banks was also a football player who had a full ride scholarship to play ball for USC.  The classmate who claimed he raped her sued the school […]

Nine years ago, Brian Banks was charged with kidnap and rape.  He served 5 years, after his attorney told him he could face a long sentence if found guilty.  It makes me wonder how often public defenders with their large case loads, just give up instead of fighting for the clients they are assigned.  The […]