Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will soon certify that gays can serve openly in the armed services, according to the Associated Press. Since the ban of gays serving in the armed forces became a formal policy in 1993, an estimated 13,000 people have been expelled for violating the rules. The Obama administration asked a U.S. appeals […]

A Gary, Indiana man is suing a local blood bank for rejecting his blood sample because they thought he was gay. Pace, who is 22 and insists he’s straight, was rejected from giving blood by Bio-Blood Components Inc. in Gary, Ind. According to federal guidelines, gays are prohibited from donating blood dating back to 1983 […]

Known for his over the top remarks which can either be considered offensive or right on the money, Charles Barkley has decided to inject himself into the gays in sports issue. In the past few days, an NBA executive and former collegiate basketball player have come out of the closet. On the heels of this, […]