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  Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors is being sued for assault and battery by an unnamed man and woman, according to a press conference that was held last Tuesday.   Lisa Bloom is representing the two accusers who allege “physical assault, bullying and misleading statements made by Mr. Green that they claim have […]

Draymond Green proved this weekend that he isn’t just talented on the court— he may have a career in comedy. During an impromptu roast session, the NBA star was landing all the shots he took at Drake and teammates Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. The Hollywood hot guys hung out on Saturday night to celebrate […]

The Cleveland Cavaliers player believes that the Earth is flat, and this whole round-globe-thing is a farce.

It's Friday. Therefore, it's time for us to unleash our trolls on some of the hottest issues from social media that recently took place.

Steph Curry's wife was rolling her eyes, because she instantly took to Twitter to defend her man's teammate