How to stay warm at home without resorting to blasting the heat? Here are some thoughts… Fool the eye: Sometimes warmth is a matter of perception. Warm colors and textures make you feel warmer so change out your decor. Try a throw so you can snuggle under it. Cut a rug: Cover up your bare […]

Another batch of heavy snow and frigid temperatures is forecast from Virginia to New England as a winter storm bears down on the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Read More:

First the good news: We’ve already experienced November temperatures colder than most of the last few years. Now the bad: There are several heavy doses ahead. Arctic blast number one this weekend, and another by turkey day. Read More

Ok, I’ve had the sniffles and even some sneezing over the last week, and so have many others. So what do you have if you feel like me? Take the quiz and see if you know what each symptom means.

Winter 2011 has definitely been a brutal one for us thus far.  It’s still hard to believe the official groundhog from Punxsatawny didn’t see his shadow and predicts spring is near.  “We don’t believe you!“