We hope all is well with the "Good For You" singer.

Nene Leakes comes clean about plastic surgery, Bow Wow opens up about his relationship with Ciara & more

Grimmie will be laid to rest later this week at a private funeral attended by her loved ones in her home state of New Jersey.


  Christina Grimmer was killed after her concert in Orlando Friday night. This you tube sensation was VERY talented, placing third in season 6 of The Voice. Christina was doing a meet and greet with her fans after her concert. While signing autographs and taking pictures…she was approached by a man that just walked up to her […]

What a week we’ve had here in the U.S. First, our prayers go out to the victim who was raped while unconscious but her attacker, Brock Turner, received a light sentence of only 6 months in prison. Privilege in this country is still very real and this is a pure example of how our justice […]