There was another scheduled hearing for Tameka Raymond and the singer to address the issue of her getting more parenting time with their children but for some reason Usher Raymond was a no-show even though both his high-powered attorneys  were present.   Hip Hop Enquirer is also reporting that  Mrs. Raymond was not happy at all […]

If you’ve been wondering how former NFL player turned sports analyst turned educator Deion Sanders is doing after his second divorce, finalized just last week,…

The two arrived at court in Atlanta this morning, and were told to work it out in private or come back to court this afternoon for the Judge to decide.  What’s the aurgument over? 

Dwyane Wade wins round 1 in his divorce case.  The baller was awarded temporary custody of his two sons. We all know it’s not that easy for a man to win over the judge when it comes to getting the kids. Siohvaughn must really be a piece of work!! Dwyane Wade now has temporary custody […]