After injuries and an unsuccessful season, Serena might be taking a break for awhile.

You are going to know the name Simone Biles very soon. She’s the young sister who has made history winning her third straight Gymnastics Championship. Watch her work! ~GetWright @MsMichelWright

While Serena won’t be the oldest to win the French, she’s getting close.  Tennis has generally been considered a young person’s game, but, the French Open has had a winner as old as 33.  Serena is 31, and is destroying the competition. The Huffington Post reports that coming as close to perfect as seems possible, […]

Money Mayweather was able to delay his incarceration so he could fight last month, but this time around, the judge is not being so nice.  Money had asked to be able to serve his sentence under house  arrest so he could continue to keep his normal nutrition and workouts going.  While Mayweather is undefeated in […]

Years ago, my now 25 year old son decided that he wanted to make music for a living.  I always told him it was a hobby until he got a check.  Last year, he signed with Wind Up records as a writer.  With that signing came checks and no longer will I ever consider what he […]