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  They thought they were eating the popular “pop rocks” candy, but instead two Indianapolis students learned their candy was contaminated with cocaine, landing one of them in the emergency room.   Fox 59 reported , Yolanda Washington, whose son is in the seventh grade said, “My son was like unresponsive to me, weak in […]

Was this outburst pre-meditated or off the cuff? Has this anger been festering in her soul for weeks?

Jello Candy Corn Cups‏ Ingredients- Orange jello Yellow yellow 1/2 can sweetened condensed milk (7oz) 2 packs Unflavored gelatin (4 usually come in a box)…

Chocolate lover or not, indulging in this sweet treat on Valentine’s Day is a given. But here’s the deal, this year you can have not…

The Obama swagger is back – and not a moment too soon. A feisty President Barack Obama seized control of a critical debate with Mitt Romney Tuesday, showing voters the grit, passion and leadership necessary to guide the nation through an unsteady economic recovery. In an overall contentious debate, Romney interrupted Obama on at least […]

VIA: JazzaBelle Tresses It seems like candy has value outside of being a sweet treat. According to the blog JazzaBelle Tresses, products used in candy can actually be used to create beautiful tresses. Caramel, peppermint and licorice are just a few examples of candy products that are used in hair products. Caramel A treatment known […]